Cygnets Way

Co-creators Erika deVries & Matt Dilling have a lifetime of making, teaching, seeking and nurturing. Cygnets Way is their collaborative creative project space. Cygnets Way is dedicated to exploring the connections between creativity, spirituality and love, and Erika & Matt’s relationship to transforming consciousness. Cygnets Way provides interdisciplinary programming to activate and ignite cross pollination and renew points of view. Cygnets Way celebrates and encourages curiosity, creativity, innovation and courage in exploring the mysteries of ourselves and our universe. Loving boldly as a powerful force for good in the face of fear, anger, division and despair. We are a heart based organization aiming at a sacred sense of connection for all beings and living organisms. Cygnets Way Nurtures our inner lives in support of our families, communities, global community and connection to the divine.



26 Downs St.

Kingston, New York